Why Custom Cardboard Furniture?

24 Apr Why Custom Cardboard Furniture?

Why Cardboard Furniture?

Our Paper Life began as a temporary furniture company with a target market of University and College students.

The off-campus housing move-in was a lousy experience for our founders Geoff Christou, Chris Porteous and Jordan Whelan.

It involved renting a moving van, hauling large/heavy boxes and fumbling with an allan key along with indecipherable instructions.

At the end of the school year, the entire process had to be repeated, often with new furniture or by hauling back out the old, heavy and cumbersome furniture.


Cut to the creation of Our Paper Life, temporary, cardboard furnishing that assemble in minutes with no tools or glue, are water resistant, sturdy and 100% recyclable.

These products shipped right to the homes of university students and assembled in minutes. Our first version included a desk and a shelf.

While the first items were craft, we quickly realized that furniture was a highly brandable surface and began to experiment with lithographic and UV printing.

As our products gained notoriety across the country we began to see them in an entirely different light.

They are high impact, marketing vehicles which can communicate any message while maintaining their functionality.

In the years that followed we created plates, chairs, bins, shelves, and hats for marketers looking to communicate their message in a more impressionable manner.

Think about it. If you are trying to connect with someone in a student market, is the best way another lanyard or a t-shirt?

Giving away a cardboard chair allows you to award a functional item that will reside in their home for the entirely of the school chair, communicating your brand message on a daily basis.

This sort of strategy can be applied across the board to our entire line of products.

Many of our clients has realized the inimitable nature of our products.

And best of all, with a respect for our planet.