Room in a Box: the 30 Minute Move — Campaign Live

24 May Room in a Box: the 30 Minute Move — Campaign Live

Typically, furnishing a new place involves certain trips to a furniture company, (often a Swedish one) a rented truck, pulled muscles, a cost of around $1000, and a blister-inducing relationship with an Allan Key… We don’t know who this Allan is, but we can’t say we’re a huge fan.

Today, after nearly 4 year of experimentation and product development we are ready to head back to the roots of our company to launch a solution to furnishing student housing: a room in a box. Checkout our Indiegogo page here to get your Room in a Box for a limited time only for $149, including shipping.



The box includes everything a nomadic student requires to furnish their room (yes, even a bed).  It is shipped right to your door, and can be rolled around and carried by one person.  The bed components can be used to build more storage, or re-arranged in infinite combinations.


Every piece of furniture can be assembled with no tools or glue by folding and slotting the pieces, and can be taken down and packed back into the box.  When you are done with the furniture it can be recycled or reused in its entirety.


DSC09454 copy


It includes:
  • 1 x Chair
  • 1 x Desk
  • 1 x Garbage / Recycling Bin
  • 1 x Bed (8 x Stax with 4 x Connectors, Mattress not included)
  • 1 x Dresser  (4 x Stax that can re-configured in an infinite amount of ways)
  • 1 x Room in a Box…Box (with wheels and handles for ease of transport)


Because our furniture is so light (the desk weighs less than 7 lbs.), the pieces can be moved and arranged  as required by a single person.  This makes for versatile furniture which can be used in many different ways and configurations.  The design of the furniture also includes sliding drawers for storage (with stoppers) which double as handy moving boxes.


 DSC09443 copy 2


We call it the 30 Minute Move. As you would guess, that is how long it takes to completely furnish your space, or even less if you’re especially dexterous.



  • No Tools or Glue required 
  • Assembles by hand in minutes (Our founder has it down to 10 minutes) 
  • 100% Recyclable, Made of 75% Recycled Materials. – Giving Mother Nature a little Hug
  • Easy to shift around and customize
  • Water Resistant -Our Water Resistant Coating beads allowing for easy wipe off 
  • Re-usable -Assemble and Disassemble items for multiple years
  • Light weight and easy to transport- even under your arm 
  • Customizable Shelving – Our Stax storage system, inspired by Tetris type games, can be arranged into any formation you see fit.  
  • Storage- Bed units and shelving come with drawers equipped with a stopper. 
  • Draw, Paint or Pin to it
  • Durable – we have been using early prototypes of the desk for over 3 years and they still look great. 
  • Free Shipping


Video credits: Maria Stern, of Turqoise Films.


Checkout our Indiegogo page here to get your Room in a Box for a limited time only for $149, including shipping.