Toronto Skyline for Gala Event

"Everything turned out amazing! The throne and skyline were a huge hit. Thanks again for everything!"

About This Project

Our client, IGNITE Student Life, the students association from Humber College commissioned us to create an engaging, unique, and impactful backdrop for their annual Gala celebration to celebrate the school year.


We worked closely with their event team, Spark Inc to come up with something to complement the stately venue hall in which the Gala took place. To match the theme of “the Six”, the nick-name Drake gave to Toronto, which featured black and gold, we decided to go with a 14ft tall skyline of Toronto.  The two photos above, taken by Katie of Spark Inc., show how the lighting, backdrop, and skyline came together on the day of the event.



Working with the Lighting and Audio Visual team we incorporated multi-colour lights at the base of the skyline, which when completed measured over 30ft by 14ft tall.  Even though the space was massive, the cardboard event backdrop had a presence.


The clients had this to say after the event: “Everything turned out amazing! The throne and skyline were a huge hit. Thanks again for everything!”.



Because it was made out of cardboard, with no tools or glue it was easy to assemble on-site.  Our Paper Life brought our unique design details and experience to the project to make sure that it could fold flat, and be re-used for later events, yet was sturdy and lightweight. The skyline backdrop shows that it is possible to use cardboard to create event and tradeshow backdrops and cardboard photo walls that have an impact even in large spaces.  To learn more, get in touch with us via our Contact Page.


We have worked well with IGNITE and Humber College before, on projects such as our cardboard voting booth for Student Elections, and the giant cardboard muskoka chairs we built as an interactive experiential marketing installation for orientation week for the college.


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