Switzerland Pavilion

With the Swiss Consulate of Boston for the 2015 Northside Festival in Brooklyn, NYC

About This Project

We worked with Swissnex Boston, an arm of the Swiss Consulate devoted to connecting Switzerland and North America in science, education, art and innovation to create a pavillion space to house their Northside Innovation Festival booth in Brooklyn, NY. We create a series of panels which were shipped from Toronto to Brooklyn and assembled on-site in less then an hour. The panels feature layered profiles of the Swiss Alps, including the Materhorn, which create depth, like a small paper diorama.

The Pavilion included:
· A device called “Birdly”, which allows participants to experience the feeling of flying like a bird above New York,
· A lounge area
· 15 stools
· 10 storage cubes
· Background structure featuring mountainous vista, and Switzerland’s iconic flag.



The purpose of the Northside Innovation festival was to meet New York’s leading entrepreneurs, technologists, hackers, thinkers and creators in Brooklyn’s McCarren Park. The booth we designed, manufactured, and delivered for Swissnex was designed to be bright, visible, distinctive, easy to assemble, and dis-assemble, and 100% recyclable (or re-usable for future events).


swiss_Setup2 copy


Credit for the first two photos goes to Swissnex Boston 


June 2015

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