Custom Conference Display

Lightweight, vivid, and functional: this 100 square foot cardboard convention booth really makes the space vibrate!

About This Project

Recently we built a re-usable custom cardboard display for a company who wanted to use them at conferences.  All the pieces were designed to fit within the standard 10ft x 10ft conference booth stall.  The furniture we supplied included display walls, display tables, a large pop-up figure meditating, and a 3D representation of the companies logo which also functioned as a table.


opl custom display 2


Reasons to use Cardboard for Conference Display’s:

  •  Can be assembled and dis-assembled on-site with no tools or glue.
  • Sustainable and Environmentally friendly.  Our products are recyclable and made from recycled content.  
  • Lightweight system makes handling, transportation, and storage easy.
  • Durable and strong, but also flexible the experiential marketing potential of cardboard is large.


opl custom display
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