Cardboard Voting Booths

Eighteen Cardboard Voting Booths for Student Elections

About This Project

We worked closely with IGNITE, Humber College’s Student Federation to develop almost two dozen branded voting booths for their Student Federation elections.  We used their colour scheme and logo to create a bright and vibrant wrap-around effect on the outside.  On the inside a message thanked the students for voting.


We designed the cardboard voting booths to fold flat, so they they could be shipped on one skid to campus, and then assembled without tools or glue on-site by teams of students.  We built 18 voting booths and they were used on both campuses.  Cardboard is light, customizable, and yet durable and functional — making it a great option for voting booths and polling stations.  They can also be incorporated with desks, chairs, and stools and walls for complete voting stations.   Also, because there are no tool or glue, the booths can either be re-used or 100% recycled, meaning that the event can eliminate major sources of waste.

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