Cardboard Tradeshow Display Wall and Brand Pillars

"The booth was extremely well received internally and externally, and even won awards!"

About This Project

Working with Weston Foods and Jacknife Design we created a custom cardboard display wall and brand pillars to highlight Weston Foods new offerings and products at tradeshow’s.   Last year the booth we built for them was used at five (5) other tradeshows across the country, and throughout the year.  We had the following feedback from the clients about last years booth:


“The booth was extremely well received internally and externally, and even won awards! The tradeshow display created an engaging hub for sales and customer conversation.”


This year we worked with the team to discover their needs and deliver two next-generation tradeshow displays tailored to be used at different events and configured in different ways. We incorporated elements to create a fresh new look, and highlighted their new product launches.  One cardboard display was used in Vancouver and the other was used in Toronto.



The display showcased Weston’s brand, and featured 4 consumer facing brands, activations, and innovations including sampling with a chef.  There was also space for additional POS display, storage behind the wall, and a chalkboard.



We evolved the design to feature:

  • Integrated back-light in the Sample Table to create an engaging first encounter for conference attendees.
  • Pop-out effects for the logos and graphics
  • Integrated shelves to store and display products
  • 3D letters to create depth and add accents to the Overhead Signage.
  • Re-configurable elements and the ability for each Brand Pillar to stand alone or be connected.



For the Vancouver conference we built a cardboard tradeshow display that folded flat, because the client wanted something that was efficient to ship and store.   While for the Toronto tradeshow, the display was modular to allow for re-use at later events.

Custom Cardboard Conference Booth, Front Page
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