Custom Cardboard Displays

31 Aug Custom Cardboard Displays

Designers around the world are showing the potential of cardboard in extraordinary ways.  See for instance the 2015 Tongji International Construction Festival at which 500 people designed over 20 very unique cardboard pavilions.  Or the Karton group out of Australia who do cardboard furniture.   It is even being used as the material for a cardboard house!


It can be manufactured in many different ways and configurations, in terms of thickness, strength, and quality.  It amazing how many ways paper can be folded to create cardboard, and how many ways cardboard can be folded and joined to create different objects ranging from furniture to pavilions and even buildings.  It is made from from 75-95% recycled content, and is 100% recyclable in many regions.  This makes cardboard an eco-friendly option for creating experiential and memorable marketing and events.


As a custom cardboard design firm, Our Paper Life has made quite a variety of projects with cardboard including: over-sized logos, custom tradeshow booths, 8ft tall 3D cardboard words, giant cardboard pop-up cards, a 10ft tall cardboard rocketship for a movie prop, a cardboard beach, and even cardboard muskoka chairs.  We have worked with clients from design and marketing agencies, toy manufacturers, through to the federal government: a lot of people are interested in cardboard and think of it’s potential.


Recently we built a re-usable custom cardboard tradeshow booth which included cardboard display walls, cardboard display tables, a large pop-up cardboard figure meditating:


opl custom display 3

It was bright fuchsia and really vibrated in the studio and on the tradeshow floor: the flat clean surface with vivid graphics made for a crisp clean and impactful cardboard display.

opl custom display 2


But there is also another end of the scale and that is mass cardboard manufacturing.   Our Paper Life has sold thousands of pieces of furniture to people across North America, from college students including the cardboard room in a box  to the Pan-am Games including a cardboard desk, and cardboard shelf that can be fully branded. The possibilities of designing with cardboard as a solution for clients experiential marketing campaigns, events, stores, and displays are large because of it’s strength, price, and also recyclability.


It will be interesting to see how cardboard designers respond to the developments of technology and manufacturing!