Cardboard Tradeshow Booth takes over OPL studio

11 Feb Cardboard Tradeshow Booth takes over OPL studio

The last few weeks saw a flurry of activity as the OPL team transformed a stack of cardboard into a 20ft x 20ft cardboard tradeshow booth for Weston Foods as part of the Loblaws National Kick-off Vendor Fair in Ottawa.   Here are some initial construction photos while the booth was being assembled.  We’ll post pictures from the actual event shortly!



Working closely with Jacknife Design Studio, the team fabricated a 10 ft tall by 20 ft long cardboard traedshow display wall with shelving for bread; a 20ft by 8ft wall with 3D cardboard text, panels to clad a sample table; and a 12ft by 3ft giant 3D set of cardboard letters.  Everything was designed to be easy to assemble and dis-assemble onsite as well as to ship.


As you can see from the photo, the display wall almost maxed out the height in OPL’s studio!  Yet incredibly, because of the lightweight the entire 400 square foot booth weighed only 300 pounds, and the individual pieces could easily be handled by two people.


For similar projects see the cardboard convention booth we did for the Swiss Government, our blog post on giant 3D cardboard letters, and how our custom cardboard tradeshow booths can be a smart choice for business looking to make an impact. 


Thanks to Jordan, Kim, Mike, Patti, Vic, Shauna, Stephen, Anita, George, Emad, Jason, and Sonja for making this possible!


Stay tuned for the final in-use photographs shortly!