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Our Paper Life worked closely with a major tennis event in Toronto to prepare a scheme for an experiential marketing zone for the site.  The proposed installation includes a 30′ tennis ball, a giant tennis racket, branded umbrellas, loungers, chairs, and side tables.  The design provides a respite from both the hot sun and high energy of thesporting event. The tennis ball is constructed from Coroplast, a plastic cardboard that is water restistant.  This material works great with Our Paper Life’s designs because it can be used the same as cardboard and is also recyclable.  The entire zone is 100% recyclable, waterproof, counter-weighted against the wind, and non-toxic.


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Attendees can lounge in the daybeds or branded chairs with a beverage along with the option to follow the active match on a large mounted screen. The oversized tennis racquet and ball hosts inside a enclosed, shaded space where attendees can immerse themselves in Tennis Canada displays and exhibits. At night, both the racquet and ball can be illuminated.


At the conclusion oft he event, the chairs and side tables can be disassembled, at pack and stored, as memorable keepsakes. We also offered 5,000 visors as a promotional give-away.

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